Customized jewellery in Dubai

When it comes to customized jewellery Mirbaha is renowned for assisting clients in Dubai 

Explore a wide range of beautifully crafted customized jewellery in Dubai at Mirbaha. Our creations, made with premium materials like stunning 18K gold, guarantee authenticity. Feel confident in your choice with each piece coming with its own certificate of authenticity.

customized jewellery dubai

Let our skilled craftsmen assist you in designing your jewellery.

Count on our team of skilled and seasoned craftsmen to bring your jewelry vision to reality. Whether you have a particular design in mind or seek guidance in crafting a piece that mirrors your distinctive style. Moreover, our craftsmen possess the expertise to collaborate with you throughout the design process.

Steps to Customize diamond ring in Dubai

Moreover, Jewellery isn't just something you wear; it helps you show who you are and how you feel. That's why Customized jewellery is great for people who want something special and important. You get to create your own piece exactly how you like it.

Step 1: Creating the design.

Furthermore, To start, make a plan for the ring. You can draw it on paper or use a computer. Include details like the shape, size, style, and any special things about the ring. Also, say what kind and how many stones you want, if you want any.

ring design in customized jewellery
3D MODELING in Customized jewellery


Now, let's talk about making pictures of jewellery, a process called Jewellery Rendering. We use a computer to create lifelike images of jewelry pieces. We start with 3D models of the jewelry and use special software to make them look real with light and details. This way, you can see exactly how the final product will look even before we make it.

Step 3: Making a wax model and casting the rings.

Now, let's go to the next part. Craftsmen use a special tool to shape a wax model of the ring. The wax model looks just like the design and has thin wax tubes called sprues attached to it. These sprues connect the model to a base. After that, they put the wax model into a metal container and cover it with a hard material that becomes a mold around the wax model.

Making a wax model and casting the rings
Casting the ring

Step 4 in Customized Jewellery: Casting the ring.

Now, let's talk about the fourth part. Craftsmen warm up the metal container in an oven to melt away the wax, making an empty space in the shape of the ring. After that, they use a special machine to spin or suck the melted metal into the empty space through the thin wax tubes. Then, the metal cools down and becomes solid, making a basic ring with the shape and structure you want.

Step 5: Pre-polishing the ring.

Now, for step number five, we take off the covering from the metal container and cut off the thin wax tubes from the ring using a special jeweler's tool or pliers. Then, we use a file and sandpaper to make the ring smooth, getting rid of any rough parts or mistakes.

Pre-polishing the ring
Setting the stones on ring

Step 6: Setting the stones on ring

Transitioning to the sixth step, Now, we put the shiny stones into the ring using little holders like prongs, bezels, or channels. We pick stones that fit well together, making sure they're the right size, shape, color, and quality. Then, we make sure the stones are safely put in and lined up nicely with the ring.

Step 7: Polishing the rings and rhodium plating.

Moreover, Craftsmen work on making the ring shiny and smooth using special things like sandpapers and polishing stuff. They might also make the ring's color and strength better by putting a thin layer of rhodium on it. This process is called rhodium plating.

Rhodium plating ring

Step 8: Final checks in quality control.

Now, in the last step, the craftsmen check the ring really carefully to make sure it's perfect with no mistakes. They look for anything that's not right to make sure it's great quality. If you want, they can also write something special or put a mark on the ring to make it even more personal and unique.

Why you should Customize your Jewellery in Dubai

When talking about making special jewellery in Dubai, it's a way to express yourself—your style, feelings, and who you are. That's why custom-made jewelry is awesome if you want something really special and meaningful. You get to make it just the way you

Personalize your jewellery in Dubai

Furthermore, Our crafters work hard to make sure your jewelry is exactly what you want. They help choose the best materials and stones, and they give advice on all the small details. They want to make sure your jewelry is not just good but even better than what you hoped for. Moreover, Their skills and care turn your ideas into special, one-of-a-kind jewellery that you'll love for a long time.

Making special jewellery in Dubai has a lot of good reasons.

Additionally, with our crafters helping you, you can be sure your jewelry will really show who you are. It'll be like a sign of how skilled and artistic they are. Whether it's a special ring, a necklace, or any other kind of jewelry, our crafters are dedicated to helping you make something as special and unique as you are.

Making personalized jewellery lets you create something that’s completely just for you or someone you love. You get to design something no one else has, making it really special and different.

Furthermore, special jewelry often means a lot emotionally. You can add important things like symbols, dates, or initials, making the piece something really special and maybe something you can pass down in your family.

Also, you can make the jewelry fit your style, what you like, and who you are. You get to pick how it looks, the metal it’s made of, the shiny stones, and other things to show your own taste.

when you make jewelry just for you, you can make sure it fits just right. This is extra important for rings, so they feel nice and comfy on your finger.

Jewel makers who make special things often do really good work. Additionally, They pay a lot of attention to make sure every little detail is just right and make what you imagine come true.

Making customized jewellery is great for remembering important times like getting engaged, celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, or other special moments. It can be a special and lasting present.

Moreover, people who make special jewelry usually pay a lot of attention to every little thing. This makes the jewelry really well-made and beautiful.

Whats does Customized jewellery in Dubai refers to ?

In Dubai there are services that help you make special and unique jewelry just for you. These services let you create pieces of jewelry that fit exactly what you like. Whether it's making a special engagement ring, a unique necklace, or any other kind of jewelry, Dubai has skilled people who can help make what you imagine. Moreover, Making your own jewelry lets you pick the materials, shiny stones, and designs that show what you like and remember important times. It's a way for you to show who you are and make special and meaningful jewelry.